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"90 years of the PZK and 95 years of the IARU" e-Awards are waiting to download

Írta: MRASZ.

Dear Colleagues, 

First of all, the best New Year's wishes 2021 from me and the entire Polish ham radio community to all of you. 

In 2020, the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK) celebrated its 90th anniversary - on this occasion, a great international radio campaign "90 years of the PZK and 95 years of the IARU" was organized, and within it you could get our commemorative e-Award.

Until today, many participants of this radio action, also from your country, have not downloaded their e-Awards yet, and therefore we have decided to extend the possibility of downloading the awards until April 30th, 2021.

I kindly ask you to publish this announcement on the pages of your organization's websites and magazines, and I invite you to visit the website related to our radio campaign: https://90.pzk.org.pl where you can download the e-Award and here is a link to detailed statistics https://90.pzk.org.pl/fullstat.html

Sincerely es 73 

Roman SQ2RH