Írta: Magyar Rádióamatőr Szövetség. Beküldve: Silent Key


On 16 December 2017, Ulrich Bihlmayer, DJ9KR, passed away after a long illness. Uli will be missed by the IARU Region 1 Monitoring System members and the wider amateur radio community.
He was a tireless worker and promoter for defending our bands. Uli was head of the DARC Bandwacht for more than 25 years (1986 - 2012) and vice-coordinator of the IARU Monitoring System for seven years. His specialty was the search of illegal or interfering radio stations. He has written numerous articles in amateur radio magazines. Due to his long successful activities, Uli has received many awards, including the IARU Region 1 Medal.

Tom Kamp, DF5JL, Chairman, IARU Region 1 HF Committee and Wolfgang Hadel, DK2OM, Co-ordinator IARU-MS Region 1